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AN-132 light multi-purpose transport aircraft
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AN-132 is an improved version of the Antonov An-32 twin-engined turboprop military transport aircraft being developed jointly by Saudi Arabia and Ukraine.

AN-132 is the first plane with no Russian components, created by the SE “Antonov”, which is the part of the SC “UkrOboronProm”; it is an example of international cooperation of Ukraine and international aerospace giants.

In April of 2015 “Taqnia Aeronautics” and UOP SE”Antonov” signed a partnership agreement on development and production of light transport aircraft An-132 in Saudi Arabia. December 20, 2016 the aircraft was demonstrated to the public and in March 31, 2017, AN-132D performed its first flight.

The light transport aircraft is primarily intended to transport cargoes weighting up to 9.2t, while its secondary roles will include aerial delivery of cargoes on parachute platforms, airdropping of paratroopers, medical evacuation, reconnaissance, maritime surveillance, and other military and civilian missions.

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