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AN-178 medium transport multipurpose aircraft
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The AN -178 is medium transport multipurpose aircraft of the family AN -148/-158 (avionics and systems from AN-148/AN-158).

It was designed to replace AN -12 and C-160 and provides the following:

  • full replacement through dimensions and cargo-lifting capacity;
  • maximum efficiency over superiority of all flight and technical characteristics;
  • reduce of operation cost over replacement of two turbojets instead of four or two turboprops;
  • Compliance to all modern requirements and standards due to on-board equipment and avionics of new generation.

The An-178 is a short-range tactical transport aircraft. It was developed by Ukrainian Antonov design bureau. Its development commenced in 2004.

This new Ukrainian transport aircraft has a maximum payload capacity of 18 000 kg. In terms of payload capacity it is similar to a C-130 Hercules.

The An-178 has a pressurized cargo hold. In troops transport role it can carry 90 passengers, or 70 paratroopers, or 68 litters with medical attendants. Alternatively it can carry three 4×4 light utility vehicles, such as HMMWV, or two standard shipping containers.

This military transport aircraft is intended to operate over short distances. With maximum payload of 18 t it has a range of 1 000 km.

The An-178 is powered by two Ivchenko-Progress D436-148FM turbofan engines. These engines are produced in Ukraine.

Thus cargo aircraft needs a 2 500 m long runway in order to take off. It can take off and land from ground airstrips.

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