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FURIA multifunctional unmanned aircraft system
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Furia is a Ukrainian multifunctional unmanned aircraft system.

Multifunctional unmanned aircraft system, designed for target acquisition and adjusting of artillery fire.

FURIA can work at a depth of 30 km., it has a fly time more than 2 hours and can withstand the wind blast of up to 15m/s.
Launching: elastic catapult. Landing: semiautomatic.

Information saving: onboard memory card (HD quality); ground station memory (standard quality).

Main Specifications:

  • Payload weight 1,2 kg
  • Maximal altitude up to 2500 m
  • Maximal flying distance More than 100 km
  • Operating range more than 30 km
  • Payload
  • Gyrostabilized Daylight HD Camera with 30xoptical zoom; Gyrostabilized Night Vision System (Flir Tau 2 based)
  • Number of operators 2

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