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Armor-piercing bullets for sniper and assault rifles
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Ukrainian-British Stiletto Systems Ltd. company has revealed details of the new BS-13 bullet, its upgrade of ammunition for sniper and assault rifles.

The new series of ammunition by Stiletto Systems is designed to support tactical level operations on the battlefield. The new ammunition is provided to penetrate all current body armor and light armored vehicles include infantry fighting vehicles.

The BS-13 is a special 7.62 mm armor-piercing bullet for a long-range sniper rifle or STL-016 sniper rifle that also developed by Stiletto company. The bullet is capable of piercing armor plates over 20mm from the distance of up to 450m.

Ukraine’s military with a specialist from Stiletto Systems held ballistic tests of the new type of ammunition for small arms in order to confirm the accuracy of declared technical characteristics.

The objective for a full-scale ballistic test was a comparative evaluation of the armor-piercing capability of up-to-date bullets developed by Stiletto Systems company while firing against armored elements of the frontal projection of infantry fighting vehicles.

Distance from barrel muzzle face to armored elements of protection was 220 meters. According to the report of the military, the 7.62х51 mm cartridge BS-13, made by Stiletto Systems pierced (perforated hit) from a range 220 m at a firing angle 0° plate of armor steel «ARMSTAL 500» 20.5 mm thick.

The ballistic test confirmed, that Stiletto Systems Ltd. can stop armored vehicles include infantry fighting vehicles at distance of up to 450m.

Now Stiletto Systems Ltd. is working on plans to organize the production of new bullets in Ukraine. The new defence enterprise will operate according to NATO standards and produce interoperable ammunition of Soviet calibre.

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