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RGT-27 thermobaric hand grenades
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RGT-27 is a thermobaric hand grenade developed by State Joint Stock Holding Company “Artem”, a subsidiary of the UkrOboronProm.

These grenades, weighing no more than 600 grams, create a two-second fire cloud with a volume of not less than 13 m³, inside of which the temperature reaches 2,500 degrees.

This temperature allows not only for the destruction of the enemy, but are also able to disable lightly armored vehicles.

RGT-27 is in the version with a rectangular body (RGT-27S) and a variant with a cylindrical body (RGT-27S2).

Thermobaric grenades provide soldiers with a significantly greater probability of kill/incapacitation within the effective radius. The lethality effect results from a thermobaric overpressure blast rather than fragmentation. As a result of the thermobaric reaction, all enemy personnel within the effective radius will suffer lethal effects as opposed to the conventional fragmentation round.

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