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«Adros» BAU-01K aerodynamic guidance section for bombs
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BAU-01K aerodynamic guidance section is used to increase the effectiveness of aviation bombs combat application against stationary and low dimension targets.

In case of «Adros» BAU-01K application the target defeat probability grows 1,5 to 3 times and munitions (bombs) rate drops 6 to 30 times depends on target type.

«Adros» BAU-01K and conventional bombs combination allows to reach effectiveness comparable with value for special aviation correction bomb of KAB-500L.

BAU-01K aerodynamic guidance section is usedto increase the effectiveness of aviation bombscombat application against stationary and lowdimensiontargets. It is designed for bombs of 200 lb(≈100 kg), 500 lb (≈250 kg) and 1000 lb (≈500 kg)caliber.


– Application on 200, 500 and 1000 lb bombs.

– Combined guidance system (GPS + inertial).

– Two pairs of control surfaces (canards) for bombflight control on calculated trajectory movement.

– Possibility for other types of guidance system use(TV(CCD), IIR, inertial, etc.).

– Target hitting accuracy is comparable with value forspecialized correction aviation bombs.



 – Applicable altitude – from 500 to 6000 m- Readiness time – not more than 3 s

– Continuous working time in autonomous flight – notless than 60 s

– Guidance system onboard continuous working time– 4 hours

– Power supply – DC: 5 V and 27 V-

– Operating condition:

• Temperature – from -50°С to +70°С;

• Pressure – up to 15 mm Hg;

• Altitude drop – up to 9000 m;

• Humidity – up to 98% at +35°С

– Weight – depends on design solution (up to 10 kg).


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