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KOZAK-2 multipurpose armored vehicle
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The KOZAK-2 is a Ukrainian multipurpose armored vehicle designed for tactical response teams and can be configured for a multitude of military applications. 

The vehicle combines features of military tactical vehicles (like Eagle V or Hawkei) and MRAPs (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected).

The Kozak-2  is based on an Italian 4×4 Iveco Eurocargo chassis and has V-shaped hull and anti-mine seats. Level of ballistic protection – STANAG level 2 (for Kozak-2) and level 1+ (for Kozak-001). Level of blast protection – STANAG level 2a, 2b.

Is intended for a wide range of tasks and can perform as an auxiliary (soldiers transporting, ambulance tasks, convoy escort), and directly combat functions (reconnaissance, fire support).

The vehicle has passed all state trials and procedure of military acceptance and now is in serial production (as of today about 100 vehicles are produced).


Technical data
GVW 15000 kg.
Length 6600 – 7100 mm.
Width 2500 mm.
Height (by roof) 2650 mm.
Engine Iveco, diesel
Power 280 hp
Torque 950 N*m
Transmission ZF, manual
Seating capacity 3 – 10
Ballistic protection STANAG level 2
Blast protection STANAG level 2a, 2b
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