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T-72AMT – upgraded main battle tank
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The T-72AMT is an improved version of T-72A main battle tanks developed by SE “Kiev Armored Plant”.

The T-72AMT has been adapted to fire the 125 mm Kombat (Combat) gun-fired laser-guided missile, which is capable of penetrating 550 mm of armour itself protected by explosive reactive armour (ERA).

Specialists of the “Kyiv Armored Plant” reinforced T-72AMT with new generation dynamic protection – “Knife”, which is already used in Bulat and Oplot tanks. This dynamic protection negates enemy’s HEAT and KEP – the main means for destroying tanks. It is also effective against EFP.

For additional protection, T-72 AMT is equipped with anti-cumulative gratings, “cutting” HEAT and protecting the most vulnerable zones of the tank. Effectiveness of such protection has been repeatedly proved during combat operations, not only in the ATO zone, but also worldwide.

The tank is equipped with night vision devices with modern third-generation image intensifiers, installed for all crew members. In addition, the gunner received night vision sight, allowing to fire GM “Combat”. The given GM is developed by UOP SE “State Kyiv Design Bureau “Luch”; it has a semi-automatic guidance by laser beam and can penetrate 750 mm armor at the distance of 5 km; tandem main part allows to overcome dynamic protection. “Combat” power is enough to destroy even the most protected enemy tanks.

New digital radio stations from the Turkish company Aselsan and Ukrainian “Lybid K2” will not only enhance communication quality, but also will protect it. Besides, these radio stations allow tank crews to maintain direct contact with infantry units, which is of great importance for battlefield interaction. In addition, T-72AMT modification received modern satellite navigation equipment. Improvement of the crew environment is another aspect of modernization. Even an ordinary rear view camera greatly facilitates driver’s work.

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