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JAB – reconnaissance and electronic countermeasure system
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Ukraine’s Joint Stock Company “Holding Company “Ukrspetstechnika”” is specializing in the design and development of wide range of military and special-purpose equipment, displayed a model of its JAB reconnaissance and electronic countermeasure system.

The radar sensor is capable of maximum detection ranges of 3,000 meters for a human being and 6,000 meters for a vehicle; while the thermal imager can detect human beings out to 2,400 meters and vehicles out to 6,600 meters.

The JAB reconnaissance and electronic countermeasure system provides:

  • automatic detection (with radar) and receiving detail information (with a visual channel) about surface moving targets geographically referenced and with an output of the information to command center;
  • automatic affixment of the complex on the terrain with the help of satellite navigation systems; calculation and record route traffic at PC.

The JAB mobile complex of surface reconnaissance is intended for detection, classification and identification of surface moving targets as well as lowspeed low-flying air targets, target pointing with the aim to provide performance of tasks on security of wide areas and reconnaissance.

ACMAT reconnaissance vehicle upgraded with JAB system


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