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Mi-8MSB upgraded multipurpose helicopter
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The Mi-8MSB is a Ukrainian version of Soviet-made multipurpose helicopter produced in a number of variants. 

Ukraine’s Motor Sich is offering a number of indigenously developed enhancements for the Mi-8 medium multirole helicopters. The new version Mi-8MSB helicopters are Ukrainian re-motorized versions of the Soviet multipurpose Mi-8T helicopters, modernization of which is performed by the Zaporozhe-based MOTOR SICH company.

Mi-8MSB-V transport helicopter was put into service by Ukrainian armed forces and National Guard of Ukraine.

According to Ukrainian Ministry of Defence, the helicopter is intended for transportation of personnel and cargo, pilot training, search-and-rescue operations, aerial surveillance and other missions aimed at increasing the mobility of units of Ukrainian armed forces.

Mil Mi-8MSB-V of Ukraine – Ministry of Internal Affairs

Mi-8MSB is the base design – this helicopter is a Mi-8T airframe modernized by the Motor Sich company. It has been fitted with the modern TW3-117WMA SBM1W 4E series engines which offer longer period between servicing, in comparison with the older powerplants of this family, used by the Mi-8T helicopters. With the same power output of 1500 HP, and unchanged main gearbox, the helicopters fitted with the Motor Sich engine have a better performance, in comparison with the non-modernized variant.

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